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About Skipakostur

Julius Thor Juliusson (Julli) founded Skipakostur in 2005 after working as a ship chef on numerous Icelandic ships for over two decades. As such, Julli is very familiar with the goods and service needed by chefs and knows their needs first hand.

It has been a while since Julli himself delivered goods to ship chefs in Reykjavik from the trunk of his own car but this kind of personal service is excactly what has defined Skipakostur through the years and still does.

Today Skipakostur is owned by TVG-Zimsen and services ships and crews in all ports around Iceland as well as industrial kitchens for companies and schools.

Service is our top priority and we always do our very best to meet the needs of our customers, how big or small the requests may be.

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Skipakostur ehf.
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Tel: +354 533 1300
E-mail: sales@skipakostur.com